Join J CHEN PROJECT in an evening celebrating 10 Years as a Modern Dance Company in New York City. Performances will include repertory from the past decade, new works, and a World Premiere of “Before You Fly”


In 2008, Jessica Chen created J CHEN PROJECT.  A modern dance company founded in New York City exploring how we perceive and create identities within the collective human experience through innovative and culturally-based dance works.  

Since then, the company has given scholarships to over 20 pre-professional dancers to participate in our Mentorship Program and partnered with a New York City theater to produce an annual Choreographers’ Festival that has presented nearly 60 emerging to mid-career choreographers.  The company has also received commissions to teach and perform at 28 universities and performing arts venues across the U.S.  All of this was made possible by the people who believed in us.

Thank You for 10 Years of Support! We couldn't have gotten here without you. We look forward to continuing to inspire, create, dance, educate, and collaborate.

J CHEN PROJECT is an official 501c3 non-profit organization.  Donate a Ticket Price if you are not able to Join Us!  ALL DONATIONS ARE 100% TAX-DEDUCTIBLE

DANCERS:  Jessica Aronoff, Elizabeth Cowperthwaite, Anna Hulse, Sandy Shelton and Rafael Sanchez

COSTUMES: Keiko Voltaire

COMPOSER: Chris DeAngelis

PHOTO: Vanessa Gonzalez-Bunster

"The World of Humanity is Possessed of Two Wings: The Male and The Female.  So Long as These Two Wings are Not Equivalent in Strength, The Bird Will Not Fly." - Abdul Baha

“Before You Fly” explores our transformative time in society.  With the emergence of the feminine power and emotional intelligence, Chen strives to explore a paradigm shift in how we view power, strength and courage.  Are we brave enough to be vulnerable? Are we strong enough to be sensitive? Are we confident enough to listen?